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About Hiway

Welcome to the beta version of the Hiway job marketplace; The solution for all your recruitment, and employment needs. On the Hiway job marketplace you can find the right people for any job. Meanwhile, we make sure that both parties do not have to worry about the hassle of payments. Ready? See you on the Hiway!

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Writing & Translating

“Here we’ll post stories by users regarding the platform”

Thale Sonnemans

Creative Director Hiway

The benefits of using Hiway

Hiway is the blockchain focussed marketplace for work. A blockchain integrated platform that coheres users without a middleman.

Well protected

The Hiway platform uses blockchain technology in the security of the platform. While complying with the GDPR privacy regulation we made sure the platform feels as any other while in the background the blockchain technology ensures the safest way of operating.

Easy to use

The platform is designed in a way that it’s as user friendly as possible. While the first version will be a web based platform we are looking into increasing the user friendliness even more with a dedicated phone application.

Your own schedule

We understand that working as a freelancer has a number of challenges. One of those challenges is fitting new clients into your daily routine. At Hiway you’ll be as free as possible regarding accepting new jobs. You choose what job to take on and when you will be able to work.

Clients that will be using Hiway

Together with the following companies we are developing our platform. Each company has committed to helping Hiway reach its full potential by using the platform in their search for talent while being closely involved in its development. Hiway is involved in the recruitment process for these companies, providing freelancers in the blockchain space where they are needed the most.

“Hiway offers everything you might need in terms of recruitment, something we, as an enterprise, have not found anywhere else.”

Lars Rensing


“Hiway's platform and the ideals it embodies will prove a great resource to attract top blockchain talent to innovative firms working on next gen technology.”

Conrad Lin

COO Fintrux

“Here you’ll find more customer testimonials.”

Simon Rikmenspoel

CEO Hiway

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